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"Awaken to Love, Discover Your Truth, Achieve Your Destiny: Your Path to Life's Ultimate Actualization Starts Here!"

The Mirror to Your Truth, Love, and Self-Awakening



In 2008, Amber began her remarkable journey into shamanism by learning from Indigenous tribes in North America. This marked the inception of her immersion in indigenous wisdom and traditional healing, shaping her diverse skill set and holistic healing approach. Amber Helgeson, a Somatic Psychedelic Coach and holistic practitioner, possesses expertise in Massage Therapy, Shamanism, Psychedelic Plant Medicines, Trauma Awareness Therapy, Shadow Work, Somatic Therapies, and Conscious Birth Doula support, all rooted in her passion for guiding others towards discovering their true essence: Love.

Since 2016, Amber has been deeply involved in the world of Psychedelic Plant Medicines, skillfully integrating her knowledge into ceremonies and programs, empowering clients to unlock their healing potential. She places great emphasis on pre and post-ceremony integration, equipping clients with essential tools for a more empowered life.

Amber's unique strength lies in her ability to create and maintain a safe and transformative space for clients throughout their journey. Her exceptional success as a Medicine Keeper, Shamanic Practitioner, and Somatic Psychedelic Coach has made her highly sought-after, leading her to offer various services, such as private and group Medicine Ceremonies, retreats, personal coaching, energy work, house/land clearing, and conscious Doula services. Amber's holistic approach and extensive knowledge continue to have a profound impact on the lives of those she serves, guiding them towards profound healing and self-discovery.

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