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Coaching With
Amber Helgeson

The Amber Helgeson Method

Introducing the Amber Helgeson Method, Amber Helgeson's premier service for fully embodied living. This transformative long-term coaching program is designed for those who are serious about making lasting changes in their lives. The goal is to guide you from a state of disempowerment to one of Embodied Empowerment. Amber combines her unique gifts of Shamanism, Plant Medicine, NLP, Somatic Therapy, and her exceptional ability to hold an Embodied Space. This comprehensive approach creates a safe and supportive environment for you to navigate life's challenges and understand your subconscious behaviors and thoughts. As Mel from Denver, CO, eloquently puts it, "Amber's capability to hold a safe, expansive container for you to meet yourself in full embodiment is what sets her apart from others. She's a multidimensional woman who, through her own embodiment and depth, allows us to come back to ourselves, leaving you completely nourished and full." Experience the profound impact of the Amber Helgeson Method and embark on a journey to true empowerment and self-discovery.

Somatic Psychedelic Coaching


Welcome to Somatic Psychedelic Integration, a comprehensive 12-week course perfect for those starting their journey toward self-awareness, feeling lost in life, or dealing with PTSD, anxiety, or adult/childhood trauma. Amber combines Shamanic healings, Embodied Somatic Practices, NLP, and Psychedelic Plant Medicine into this transformative program designed for your self-actualization. As Kindra says, "The clarity, insight, and awareness gained through this journey have reshaped my interactions with the world. Committing to self, surrendering to the unknown, and trusting in Amber's guidance led to self-empowerment and the discovery of my truth embodied." Begin this journey today and unlock your potential for profound personal transformation.

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