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Empower Your Shamanic Journey

with My

Psychedelic Medicine Mastery Pogrom

I have been training with Amber for 6 months now and her integrity and dedication to this

Are you ready to embark on or deepen your shamanic plant medicine journey and become a ceremony holder for others? This program is dedicated to fostering a deeper connection with your intuition and the healing potential within you while working with Plant Medicine. When you gain clarity about your path and anchor yourself in the intuitive wisdom that resides within, you can fully embrace your purpose and confidently share your unique gifts.

What is your unique currency?

Shamanism and Plant Medicine serve as guides to help you unlock and manifest your currency. They reflect your consciousness and intentions, offering a profound opportunity for self-discovery and transformation.

It's no secret that Psychedelics are at the heart of my work and purpose, a valuable gift I'm privileged to share with you. They form a significant part of my own currency. But what's my other currency? It's guiding you to establish a profound connection, ignite curiosity, and cultivate passion for your personal Medicine.


The goal is to weave these elements together, empowering you to share your wisdom with those on a similar path.

What you'll gain from this transformative journey:

  1. Personalized guidance to uncover YOUR unique Medicine.

  2. Intuitively tailored healing experiences.

  3. Integration of Psilocybin into your spiritual currency.

  4. Intuitive insights and guidance.

  5. Tools for holding sacred space.

  6. Shamanic tools and initiations.

  7. Resources for somatic therapy.

  8. Techniques for emotional healing.

  9. Meditation practices.

  10. Guidance on understanding Gene Keys and Astrology for self and client empowerment.

  11. Support for shadow work and personal growth.

  12. Energy healing techniques.

Together, we will explore your distinctive tools and intuitive gifts as we craft your masterpiece of Medicine.

The Plant Medicine is your profound extension.

If you aspire to fully grasp your Medicine, live it authentically, and share your gifts while working with plant medicines, I invite you to embrace this unique opportunity. Join me to unlock your potential and give back to the world through the currency that is uniquely yours.


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