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Embodied Feminine

Online - Jan 1st - March 22nd

For the Mystics, the Healers, the Muse.
Walk through the winter veil into the fertile beginnings of spring.

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Unveil the Profound Depths of Your Feminine Power

and Intuition in this transformative journey.

Embark on this remarkable journey, commencing on January 1st, a time of renewal and reflection at the heart of winter. This journey will lead you into the depths of your inner stillness, guiding you through the exploration and embodiment of your feminine essence.

As we venture through this course, we'll traverse the seasons, ending our expedition on the Spring Equinox—a time symbolizing rebirth, fertility, and new beginnings. It is the ideal moment to unveil the profound depths of your feminine power and intuition.

Why this Course?

Indulge in a transformative voyage tailored to rediscover and celebrate your genuine feminine spirit. This course is an invitation to a profound odyssey of self-discovery, inviting you to wholeheartedly embrace the essence of your true being. Through nurturing practices, it offers a sanctuary to unlock the depths of your intuition, awaken your sensuality, and foster unparalleled personal growth. Here, healing becomes a gentle ritual, weaving a supportive tapestry of community around you. Gain the tools to confidently amplify your voice, synchronize inner energies, and cultivate a toolkit for empowered decision-making. With seasoned mentors guiding your journey, step into the role of the life architect, shaping your destiny with purpose. Engage in transformative rituals and immerse yourself in a sisterhood that thrives on collective growth and shared wisdom—a space where empowerment and self-realization intertwine seamlessly.

What You Will Receive:

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group: Engage in a supportive and exclusive community, fostering harmonious sisterhood and mutual support throughout the transformative journey.

  • Membership in a Sisterhood Circle: Join an intimate circle of like-minded women, designed for reflection, acknowledgment, and healing on your personal journey of growth.

  • Participation in Weekly Zoom Calls: Embrace collective learning and sisterly connection through interactive sessions designed for guidance and shared growth.

  • Two Personalized, One-on-One Healing Sessions and Initiations with Amber and Tamilla: Delve deeply into your transformational journey with personalized guidance from our experienced hosts, Amber and Tamilla.

  • Ancient Vocal Activations and Wisdom Bearing: Immerse yourself in the ancient arts, engaging in vocal activations and profound wisdom sharing to unlock hidden potentials within.

  • Engagement in Ancient Shamanic Practices: Explore and experience the depth of ancient shamanic practices, grounding yourself in timeless wisdom and spiritual connection.

  • Deeper Understanding of Masculine and Feminine Energies: Gain insights into the intricate balance between masculine and feminine energies, fostering a deeper comprehension of their profound power.

  • A Profound Deeper Connection to You: Experience a transformative shift, establishing a deeper, more profound connection with your inner self—a journey towards authentic empowerment and self-discovery.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Embodied Feminine Energy: Start by acknowledging the significance of reconnecting with your feminine essence, encompassing intuition and the heart space. Set intentions and establish a safe, nurturing environment conducive to personal growth.


  • Exploring Feminine Archetypes: Immerse yourself in diverse feminine archetypes, uncovering their unique gifts and learning how to harness them for daily empowerment. Identify your primary archetypes and recognize their profound influence on your life's journey.

  • Tantra and Sacred Sensual Energy: Delve into the transformative potential of tantra as a pathway towards self-discovery and empowerment. Learn to harness the potent energy of sacred sensuality, channeling it for personal transformation and growth.


  • Rebuilding Sisterhood: Heal wounds from sisterhood and address past traumas within a supportive, nurturing space. Cultivate and fortify a community of women founded on support, understanding, and mutual growth.

  • Deepening Intuition: Explore techniques to establish and nurture a profound connection with your intuitive self. Uncover and develop your unique intuitive gifts, fostering a deeper understanding and trust in your inner guidance.

  • Voice Activations and Codes to Support the Feminine: Engage in voice activations and codes that empower and support the feminine essence within you. Discover how to harness the power of your voice to amplify and advocate for the sacred feminine.


  • Initiation and Rituals: Participate in initiation ceremonies and rituals curated to deepen your connection with the feminine essence. Embrace these sacred practices as a means of profound personal transformation.

  • The Feminine as the Architect: Reflect upon your transformative journey and the wisdom garnered throughout. Embrace and embody your role as a creator and architect of your life—a transformative acknowledgment of your innate power.

  • The Masculine as the Builder: Understand the complementary role of masculine energy as the builder. Explore how to harmonize and integrate these energies to create a balanced and empowered life.

About the Host's:

Amber Helgeson, known for her profound understanding of feminine energy and the delicate balance between masculine and feminine aspects, brings a wealth of expertise. With a background steeped in shamanic studies, tantra, sensuality, and Light code activations, Amber guides individuals to explore their depths and embrace their innate power through a loving surrender​.

Tamilla Macklin, a professional singer-songwriter, specializes in activating individuals' light codes and their shamanic voice through throat activations. Her expertise lies in being a potent psychic and healer, igniting the inner fire for establishing boundaries and fostering self-love within individuals.


To embark on this transformative journey and awaken your embodied feminine energy under the guidance of Amber Helgeson and Tamilla Macklin, click the button below to register today! Please note that dates are subject to change, and all sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend live.

***Payment plans are available upon request! Please Contact Amber or Alyssa to enquire about them.****


Join us in celebrating this transformative experience!


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