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10 week Psychedelic Coaching Program

10 weeks to an empowered you

Service Description

Do you suffer from PTSD, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Lack of Self Worth or Just have a hard time getting into a good space? This program is for you! A 10 week program for you healing purposes. By Combining Psychedelics, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Shadow Work, Shamanic practices and Energy Work this program will heal you as a whole. Traditional Therapy is out dated, its one aspect of the the self(the mind) but you are so much more. You are spiritual, emotional and physical. When we don't look at you as a whole you cant fully heal. This Program only works with you as a whole. It allows us to walk through the emotions, memories, feelings and responses of depression, anxiety, lack of self love, and trauma. It allows you to feel free from the suffering, pressure and thoughts that cause you to feel such ways.. The best part, Its been scientifically proven that Psychedelic plant medicine help in this area and its no secret now! People are waking up to this profound level of self actualization and healing, so give yourself the gift of working with one of the top leaders in this industry!

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