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                                Psilocybin ​- Magic Mushrooms

What are Psychedelic mushrooms?

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring

psychedelic compound found in

certain species of mushrooms.


Found in indigenous to tropical and

subtropical regions of South America,

Mexico, and the United States.


In the body, psilocybin is converted

into psilocin, which is responsible

for the psychedelic effects.


These compounds interact with

serotonin receptors in the brain,

leading to alterations in perception,

cognition, mood, and consciousness



In the brain of someone with depression,

DMN (Default Mode Network) is very high,

which creates a narrow sense of self.


DMN is the seat of the ego. The DMN is

activated in absence of our focused attention

when we’re daydreaming of the past or

ruminating about the future. Hyperactivity of

the DMN thus increases negative rumination.


When psilocybin is taken, DMN is decreased. It

is here where you dissolve the ego and the grip that the past or future may have on you. Allowing for the creation of an expanded sense of self, and interconnectedness of the world around you

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