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Tepezcohuite Events


🌄 Event Details: 🗓️ Date: April 6th  Location: Colorado 💰 Price: $175 (Reserve your spot - First come, first serve)

Tree of life

  The Tree of Life Plant Medicine


Tepezcohuite, often referred to as the "tree of life," serves as a gateway to a transcendent reality where the boundless nature of existence unfolds. This profound elixir acts as a catalyst for deep self-discovery, an indispensable companion on one's spiritual odyssey. Its remarkable properties facilitate the unraveling of personal and familial karma, the dissolution of destructive patterns, the clearance of energetic obstructions, and the unwinding of subconscious imprints. As with any sacred ceremony, intention forms the cornerstone, and Tepezcohuite, in its profound wisdom, responds accordingly.

Belonging to the ancestral lineage of sacred medicines, Tepezcohuite stands alongside the likes of Ayahuasca from the lush Amazonian jungle and Bufo Alvarius from the arid Sonoran desert. With roots extending from the southern regions of Mexico and Guatemala, Tepezcohuite once served as a conduit for Mayans to commune with the spirits of their ancestors.

At the culmination of a Tepezcohuite ceremony, participants often find themselves immersed in an overwhelming sense of love, aptly earning its title as the "Love ceremony." This transformative journey frequently bestows newfound clarity, facilitating a clearer path and a more defined life mission. Many unearth dormant talents, such as healing prowess or artistic gifts, while others experience heightened intuitive insight, unveiling profound truths.

Beyond its spiritual dimensions, Tepezcohuite possesses tangible medicinal attributes, effectively combating fungal and bacterial intrusions. Its therapeutic applications extend to aiding individuals grappling with chronic conditions. Remarkably, it serves as a potent internal cleanser, purifying mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realms, akin to a profound system reboot.

Tepezcohuite traces its origin to the Mimosa Tenuiflora tree, predominantly found in southern Mexico. This revered medicine encapsulates the essence of the tree, encompassing extracts from its roots, bark, and leaves/flowers. Within these extracts lie five human neurotransmitters, including serotonin and gaminea.

Tepezcohuite s  is meticulously crafted by hand within the sacred domain of the venerable head shaman, Rex, and comprises 5Meo-DMT and Nn-DMT, further enriching its profound spiritual legacy.

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