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Somatic Psychedelic Integration

Tepezcohuite and Psilocybin

Research has illuminated the profound effects of Psilocybin, shedding light on its remarkable ability to activate nearly the entire brain. This activation can be likened to a symphony of neural activity, where long-dormant pathways are reawakened, and even those teetering on the brink of fading are revitalized. What makes Psilocybin truly enthralling is its capacity to reignite neural connections that may have grown dim with the passage of time.

As scientific inquiry advances, the intricate dance of Psilocybin with the human brain becomes increasingly apparent. Studies have revealed that this compound serves as a catalyst for cognitive exploration, unlocking the doors to previously uncharted territories of the mind. It not only stimulates the revival of dormant neural pathways but also assists in the regeneration of those pathways on the verge of deterioration.

In this way, Psilocybin serves as a key to the brain's resilience and adaptability, fostering a profound and expansive journey of self-discovery and healing. The intricate interplay between Psilocybin and the human brain continues to be a subject of great fascination and promise in the realm of scientific research.

Tepezcohuite, often referred to as the "tree of life," is revered as a gateway to the realm of divine reality, where the multifaceted aspects of existence are revealed in their boundless magnificence. This exceptional botanical remedy wields transformative power, guiding individuals on a profound spiritual journey toward self-discovery and potent healing.

In the realm of sacred medicines, Psilocybin and Tepezcohuite share a deep connection through their shared capacity to facilitate profound inner exploration. Psilocybin, extracted from specific species of psychedelic mushrooms, and Tepezcohuite both act as catalysts for profound spiritual revelations. When utilized in combination, their synergistic influence heightens the potential for healing and personal transformation.

Tepezcohuite's sacred healing potential lies in its ability to unravel the intricate tapestry of personal and familial karma. It serves as a catalyst for dismantling recurring detrimental patterns in one's life, dissolving energetic barriers, and resetting deeply ingrained subconscious programming. In the context of a ceremonial setting, intention becomes the guiding light, and the medicine possesses a wisdom that transcends human comprehension.

Tepezcohuite finds its place among ancestral remedies, sharing its lineage with Ayahuasca, native to the Amazonian jungle, and Bufo Alvarius, found in the Sonora desert. Originating from the mystical lands of southern Mexico and Guatemala, this ancient remedy was cherished by the Mayans as a means to commune with the spirits of their forebears.

At the culmination of a Tepezcohuite ceremony, participants consistently arrive at the essence of Love, the foundational force underlying all existence. Consequently, the Tepezcohuite ceremony is often referred to as a "Love ceremony." Those who embark on this transformative journey often emerge with newfound clarity in their lives, an enhanced ability to discern their life's purpose, and a revelation of latent talents, including healing abilities and artistic gifts. Moreover, many experience an opening of their intuitive vision and a deeper connection to the profound tapestry of truth.

When Psilocybin and Tepezcohuite are combined, their harmonious energies create a synergistic healing vortex, enhancing the potential for profound spiritual insights, emotional release, and personal transformation. This union of medicines provides individuals with a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the recesses of their consciousness, unlocking the door to profound healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

Discovering Yourself and Awakening: A New Approach to Psychedelic Healing

In the realm of self-discovery and awakening, the landscape of healing has evolved significantly. It's no longer confined to a single style or the solitary act of tripping in isolation. Psychedelics have taken on a new dimension, converging with various modalities to accelerate your healing journey and expand your mind, body, emotions, and soul.


This is the essence of Somatic Psychedelic Integrative Coaching—a groundbreaking approach where science meets mysticism.

But how can the synergy of Psychedelics, energy work, somatic therapy, shamanism, and a dedicated coach propel you to your next level of evolution?

In today's world, marked by constant stimulation, persistent trauma, and a shortage of mental health support, many are experiencing dissociation—a detachment from themselves and reality. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, a renowned researcher in PTSD, sheds light on the lasting impact of trauma in his landmark paper. He observed that even two decades after the initial trauma, individuals with PTSD exhibited a nervous system response akin to reliving the traumatic experience, accompanied by the release of endogenous opioids comparable to an 8 mg morphine dose.

This revelation underscores two critical points:

  1. Veterans, two decades later, were still ensnared by a nervous system response reminiscent of the original trauma. It demonstrates how our nervous system and genetic heritage can perpetuate trauma across generations, resulting in generational trauma.

  2. It emphasizes the profound role of the nervous system in responding to trauma. The numbing response, akin to an 8 mg morphine injection, persisted in these individuals even after two decades. This highlights the incredible capacity of the nervous system to store, remember, and react to the subconscious aspects of our psyche.

  3. The subconscious mind harbors a treasure trove of unconscious memories, traumas, and narratives. The study exemplifies how, when left unaddressed, these elements can govern our lives, perpetuating the cycle of trauma.

Psychedelic Plant Medicine has emerged as a scientifically supported catalyst for personal transformation, especially when guided by a coach or therapist.

My Somatic Psychedelic Integration Programs blend somatic therapies, shamanic practices, energy work, meditation, sound healing, and trauma therapy. These elements work in harmony to guide you out of the confines of dissociation and into a realm of freedom. Here, you can begin optimizing your healing, unlocking your purpose, and realizing your untapped potential. It's about crafting a new narrative, one free from suffering and pain.

Moreover, these programs are equally effective for those seeking to explore and harmonize their masculine and feminine energies and embark on the journey of healing family lineages. They offer a holistic approach that goes beyond the individual, extending to healing generational patterns and restoring the balance between the masculine and feminine forces within.

These programs are tailored to your unique needs and goals, spanning 12 weeks. They feature 1 to 3 full-day immersions—intensive 7-8 hour sessions infused with Psilocybin and Tepezcohuite. Additionally, you'll benefit from weekly personalized healing calls or in-person sessions.

Please note that while the programs offer both in-person and online components, the immersions must be conducted in person. You can either journey to Colorado, or I can travel to you for an added travel fee.

12 Week Program

These 12  week program will guide you through Understanding your intention and what you are wanting to focus on, to your pre- ceremony prep sessions to get you ready for your Day Immersion Ceremony(s). After your ceremony(s) you will have multiple Integration sessions to help you continue the shifts that took place in ceremony. This will help engrave new actions, tools, and thoughts as the old gets replaced.

You will also get access to my online content of tools and meditations to help you continue practicing these new actions to support your growth and life's mission.

Each program will have pre medicine immersion sessions,  integration sessions between day immersions and post immersions integration sessions. 

**PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE ** **Sliding Scale is also available to a small amount of individuals**

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